How To Upload Videos

At ,We provide two ways to upload your videos, via WebApp and API. We accept all recent video formats/codecs, and videos can be any length of time. We cap individual video files at 10 GB per video file, however, you can upload multiple files at a time.
If you facing any issues on uploading, try again using another/newer browser, or open support ticket, we're here to help

1. How to Upload using Browser?

1.a. Login to Fembed, navigate to the Upload page.

1.b. Select video to upload, you can select multiple videos. After selecting, click OK and the upload process will automatic start Important: Do not close your browser or leave upload page while video is being uploaded!.

After uploading, your videos will likely not available immediately, as we have to encode it. Depend on codecs, quality and size, encoding may take from few seconds up to few hours. You can easy check your video status using your Fembed Dashboard or via API

2. How to Upload using API?

To upload using API, you have to create an API Secret, and follow api documentation