How To Transfer Videos

Transfering is very useful feature for members who already have videos on other hosts, it allow you copy videos direct to your Fembed account without any download/upload. We support many video hosting services like Google Drive, Youtube, Openload...
If the host you are using is not supported, just create a support ticket and we will make it available asap.

1. How to Transfer using Browser?

1.a. Login to Fembed, navigate to the Transfer page.

1.b. Paste the source video links into the box. Max 20 links. One link per line Make sure you use correct format. Check "supported sites and formats" section Depend on video size and host, it take from few seconds to few hours to download video. But you do not have to keep Transfer page open, as process is running background on our servers After downloading, your videos will likely not available immediately, as we have to encode it. Depend on codecs, quality and size, encoding may take from few seconds up to few hours. You can easy check your video status using your Fembed Dashboard or via API

2. How to Transfer using API?

To transfer using API, you have to create an API Secret, and follow api documentation